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Six undergraduate students at the University of Mary Washington (UMW) travelled to Scotland and Wales in June-July, 2016. The students were searching for inspiration for the final project you see before you - Highland Haunting. Our webpage has been created to showcase the development process, theory, and experiences that factored into the development of this interactive transmedia adventure story.

And Now, A Word from Our Professor

UMW students were the driving force for the creation of this international education experience/Bangor University course. When I arrived at UMW I taught, Part Play, Part Game: Gamers and Gaming, an Honors Seminar. Students often requested that "we take a trip somewhere." My students inspired me to figure out a plan and after the third iteration of the course, I reached out to the Center for International Education to fulfill their dream! That plan was the creation of the faculty-led Castle Quests and Digital Playable Fiction.

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