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We thank you for all of you time, help, and 'herding the cats' in Scotland and Wales. You're kick-off presentation your "Fan Fiction   " presentation conveyed your expertise and love for the work that you do - you inspired us!




A special thank you for joining us in Wales.


Is currently a student at Bangor's Creative Studies and Media department specializing in game narrative. He’s recently completed an integrated masters course studying Utopic story-worlds within interactive narratives. He will be beginning a PhD course looking into new forms of game narrative devices in September.

We certainly enjoyed your presentation, "The Unachievable Utopia: Perfect Story-world's in Interactive Narratives."  We appreciated your words of advice for future studies appreciated.




Agnus delighted us all with her vast knowledge and stories of Edinburgh. She loved her job and it showed.  She had the most beautiful blue eyes that twinkled and we knew we had to find a way to put her in our story.


Frank was our amazing driver in Edinburgh! We can't begin to thank him enough for .... Frank was so memorable he served as inspiration and found a way into our interactive adventure.