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Highland Haunting


Ghosts, goblins, and things that go bump in the night have been terrorizing your town. A quest leading around the United Kingdom will give you the clues to solve this mystery, but there are still challenges away from home.

Step into the role of a paranormal investigator who uncovers the mysteries that are held within Highland Haunting. Hone your skills, choose to battle, or meet characters who will help or hinder your progress. Who is the ghost that traveled to your town and what does it want?

Highland Haunting is an interactive transmedia mystery that takes the player through historically significant castles where you meet mystical creatures and experience the possibilities. Step into a choose your own path … will you win or will you die?

Explore the interactive map to uncover the mysteries of Highland Haunting.

If you want to play the game stop over here.

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lochleven stirling edinburgh craigmillar tantallon caernarfon lochleven edinburgh stirling tantallon craigmillar caernarfon